Okay, what I liked about Looper:

  • JGL (Joseph Gordon Levitt)
  • Bruce Willis
  • You get to see Piper Perabo topless with a thong on… which was pretty damn cool.

The rest of it including the story was just EHHHHH. it was good, but EHHHHH. Nothing spectacular or what expected from the guy who did BRICK which was a fantastic movie by the way.

Something else I really liked about Looper was JGL’s performance playing “Young” Joe. His Bruce Willis facial expressions were dead on, they also did a good job with making him look like Bruce Willis. The only issue I had with that whole thing was the fact that while they looked and acted a lot alike I just didn’t feel the connection between them that they were the same person, I just didn’t get that.

At times I felt that this flick was dragging on just a little bit… at some points I was like “Oh Shit, here it comes I’m about to find everything out” and then some other crazy futuristic bullshit happens and another sucker punch comes around. Which brings me to another thing… this is actually like two stories in one.. Not trying to spoil but they could have made two seperate movies here. Personally, I enjoyed everything looper… and then something else came along which is another whole thing that I don’t want to spoil for you.

Besides that it was good, I liked the story and you can’t go wrong with JGL and Bruce Willis in one movie together. There’s just not a lot I can say without spoiling this flick… except you get to see Piper Perabo topless, so prepare yourself for that one. I sort of did like this double take thing when the scene came up. if you don’t remember her:

Yeah, the chick from Coyote Ugly.

educate yourself.

Anyway, JGL, Bruce Willis kick ass the story was good and the twist was even better. Something that caught me way off guard from just seeing the trailer.

Im giving Looper the finger 4 out of 5 times.

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20/50 Stunning Cinematograpy → The Shining (1980)

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Alright so I was lucky enough to catch a private screening of this tonight and I’m just going to start this review by saying… This movie was terribly misunderstood by critics! It got horrible reviews and I thought this flick was great!

They say it was very “predictable” and yes I agree with that, predictable in obvious ways of course. You will understand once you see this movie.

I must say though, my favorite part of the whole movie was probably the beginning when you see the production of a pencil, but I’m into the whole “how it’s made” thing.

Jennifer Garner did a fantastic job in this… She is pretty sexy I must say… In some scenes… like the scenes where shes happy and smiling… the depressed scenes she had.. she didn’t look so great, for obvious reasons of course.. no offense Garner.. I still think your hot. Call Me. ;)

CJ Adams did a great job playing Timothy Green, I think he’s fairly new, and I see a bright future ahead for him. The rest of the movie was also casted very well.

Im going to say this in the straightest way possible.. the movie was actually touching. Yes I said it, touching, don’t judge. Because It was, it was predictable but like I said for obvious reasons and going beyond that the predictable parts were still great. It’s truly a great movie about being yourself and knowing that you can do anything by just believing. This director will probably end up in my top 10 this flick was just shot so well. The story and structure was great, everything about this movie was awesome I loved it and so did everyone else in the theatre.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green receives…..

wait for it….

The finger 5 out of 5 times

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